Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Wendy at Creole Collection

Creme Brulee Net Top by Creole Collection

I discovered Wendy's shop on the front page of Etsy just a few weeks ago. I had my eye out for clothes as my closet is beyond pathetic and I wanted to shop Etsy so when her fabulous tank top showed up on the front page I jumped right over to her shop and instantly FELL IN LOVE! Not only are her designs full of detail, they are relaxed and feminine, soft and sweet in style yet a little rustic and totally unique... everything I wanted and more. Her style is Creole inspired, creme brulee if you will, and every piece is one of a kind as she upcycles and reinvents thrift store finds. She has a great eye and I quickly found out her heart is genuine and super fabulous too! I was nervous about trying things on Etsy clothes wise as far as fit. Wendy is MORE than accommodating as far as trying and returning if need be and she offered me much needed style advice to boot. She started on Etsy with her shop Margaux Designs which is fabulous and, lucky for us, she added many more shops to her repertoire... ahhh, so much to choose from! Check it out... you won't be disappointed. There's truly something for everyone and if you have questions convo Wendy - she's happy to help.

1) What is your craft and what led you to take it up?

My craft - hum...taking something old and giving new life to it I guess. I love thrifting and I always find great items that I can't seem to pass up - so I use all reclaimed or vintage items in my designs. Sometimes I will totally remake the piece, but most of the time I hand dye it and add special details. Well that is in my shop. My shop I also use reclaimed fabric, clothing etc. but these items have a lot more detail. I started the CreoleCollection to complement Margaux but it seems the Creole shop has taken over most of my time.

I always loved crafts from an early age - my mom was an artist and always had her hand in different mediums. So I guess you could say I knew nothing else.

2) What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

What part I enjoy most - the designing and shopping of course. I love to dream it up and then make it happen. I don't like making the same item twice. That is one of the reasons I use reclaimed items.

3) What part of your work is the hardest?

The hardest part is a creative person this seems to be my down fall. I like to jump from project to project.

4) A top ten list of your favorites

...handmade possession...

My dad made me a rocking horse when I was about 15 and also my handmade cards from my children would have to top the list also.

...item in your shop...

It would have to be this vintage slip dress.

...item on your favorites list...

Black Silk Top by Mollusa

This black top by mollusa - to die for!

...Etsy purchase...

Black Knock-off Button Mat Cuff by P8 Button Art and Accessories

...item you've sold...

Vintage Creme Brulee Dress

My ultimate favorite - very hard to sell it - the good thing was it was too big for me :)

...Etsy shop...

Vella... I love her bags and her photos. or website...

WOW - these are so hard to answer - I have a lot of favs...

danny mansmith
lori marsha
metal and thread

...source of inspiration...

The Internet...

etsy - flickr - stylehive - facebook - twitter - smashing darling

...piece of advice...

Do it for love not money and then you will make money. Treat your customers how you would want to be treated. It is really rather simple. Trial and error. Don't give it up. Try something new. Don't ever be afraid to ask someone. Learn from others. Make your own way. Have your own style. Do something different. Use flickr, twitter, facebook, stylehive and I'm sure there or others. Most of all make time for your family and let the rest fall in place.

...rule to break...

i break all the rules

Creme Brulee and Lace Mini Dress by Creole Collection

P.S. In addition to
Creole Collection and
Margaux Designs mentioned above, I highly recommend a visit to Wendy's sister stores... She is one heck of a busy lady!

sweet summer tank from o baby love

lace top from modern austin

scarlet summer top from modern scarlet

the romantic at heart top from modern noir

ponchatoula memories - 3 from a vintage butterfly