Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn WAS in the air...

We had a change in the seasons since last weekend... it seems summer has returned to Wisconsin! It was in the 80s which means a JEEP ride was in order.

We headed to Wollersheim Winery on Sunday with friends and family. This is the view from above and you can see my girls rolling down the hill - of course! We did the wine tasting and took our favorites to the patio to enjoy.

The sandbox is GENIUS ~ our girls actually ask to go there because of it. Always appropriate for a 3 year old to ask "can we go to the winery this weekend?" Well, my husbands family is French so I guess it was inevitable that they would be so versed in vino at such a young, tender age - ha!

Sophie and Elle ~ post hill roll.

Sophie was NOT so fond of the "dairy air" we were blessed with. She had her nose plugged for almost the entire trip! Country girl? I think not.

We took family and friends back to our place for chili dinner and apple pie. Along the way we stopped at our "farm house" that will soon become our brand new home. It's 150 years old and fabulous - 2 foot thick stone walls. You can read more about it here - it will be the subject of many blog posts VERY soon if things proceed as planned. This is our friend Tony waving to my husband outside.

And here's my Elle. She was 2 when we bought this property and is now 6. Sophie wasn't even a thought when we started. The past 4 years have flown by and simultaneously dragged on (an effect of a family of 5 in a 1000 square foot townhouse??) Hoping with huge hope that we will be in our "new" home come spring... I'll keep you updated.
So that was our weekend. Very little crafting was completed which is NOT good seeing that I have 5 shows this holiday season. What can I say ~85 degrees in Wisconsin in October is pretty distracting! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend too.
And here's a glimpse of LAST weekend. We got our Halloween on when it was 50 degrees - phew!
XOXO Molly