Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspirations and Beginnings

"There is no place else that I'd rather be but I can't just be right here.
An enigma wrapped in a mystery or a fool consumed by fear."
- For You by BNL sung by Ed Robertson (who makes me smile!)

I love this song - the melody, the words. I think this quote sums up where I was in my life when I started my Etsy shop last spring. Let me give you a little back ground...

My husband and I purchased a fabulous piece of property in October 2006 - two acres close to the city yet just far enough away to feel like country. The most fabulous part, and likely the biggest sway in our decision to buy, is the 150 year old stone house and beautiful old white barn that live on the property. Oh, the dreams! Being an interior designer by trade and with a handy husband enamoured with quality and detail it felt like this project was meant to be. We put our existing house on the market, survived what felt like hundreds of showings and finally sold 8 months later. A blessing - we made it out of the faltering market just before things became really shaky. So we moved our family of four into a two bedroom town house with our many belongings (Oh, the stuff!). Said family included, at that point, our 3 year old Elle and preemie Sophie. It was a chore of mammoth proportion although I have no doubt that every move, of every size, feels the same.

So we settled in and began our journey of life in much closer quarters. On top of having two small children, my husband and I both ran our businesses from home. It quickly became apparent that ALL these "tasks" were not going to bloom in the new digs. (Is it possible for a town house to shrink?!) The office of an interior designer has loads of stuff, from paint swatches to fabric samples, catalogs for furniture, art and accessories, files on this client and that client and piles of ideas for someday. I was only able to unpack a teensy bit before my new title "stay-at-home mommy" emerged and my brief life as a career woman was put on hold. Preemies are a lot of work... 3 year olds are even more! My contact with the people outside the house, namely my clients and reps, slowly faded and my familiarity with Dora, Ruby and Max, Monkey George and the Wiggles skyrocketed. I adore my babies - truly, every little part of them, every daily discovery, every inch of daily change. I also, with a tinge of guilt, love design and decorating, contact with people, the feeling of concrete accomplishment.

Do you see where I'm going here? Back to the song lyrics... "there is nowhere else I would rather be but I can't just stay right here..." Etsy answered my prayers - solved my dilemmas! And I'm quite certain I'm not the only mommy counting Etsy in her daily blessings. I've since thought I should have named my store "The Sanity Shop." So, I continue to unwrap the enigma (mommy hood without losing mommy!) while perpetually tackling the mysteries of the computer world and wading through my fears (not sure I can shake the "fool" part though!).

Since Spring 2007 I've met so many awesome Etsy shop owners and truly wonderful customers. I hit 400 sale this week, am 3 shy of 800 "hearts" and have just over 500 100% ratings. When I "opened my shop doors" with a dozen felt brooches I promised myself I'd be happy with just 1 sale, just 1 thrilled customer. I still do the happy dance EVERY SINGLE time a sale rolls in, a convo comes through, a rating is logged. I love it - Etsy validates the part of me that I felt I was losing... make that the people I meet THROUGH Etsy - they are my angels! Thank you!!!

If you're a stay at home mommy hoping to jump into Etsy, I would love to chat! Drop me a line, post a comment - I'd love to help in any way I can. Cheers!

x0x0 - Molly

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  1. I can totally realte. I had no carrer, only a job I hated, before I surrendered into the roll of Stay at home Mommy. But, like my mother, I am a terribly independent and creative woman. I treasure my time alone and time spent dreaming and creating This is even made me nervous and hesitant about marrying.
    I struggle to "surrender" to these little people every day. But I can only put myself on the back burner for so long. I am fortunate to have such an understanding and supprotive husband who knows I may just loose my mind without my time away and time creating. Etsy does provide an excellent outlet for this.