Friday, March 19, 2010

Here she is!

So happy to be introducing my latest show display piece - Lucy! She didn't come with that name but don't you think it fits? I adore her!

Of course the minute I found out that I will be at The Creative Connection Event's Handmade Market my mind started racing with display ideas. By trade I'm an interior designer so displaying small items like earrings and necklaces is challenging ~ entire room scapes come together more naturally. I knew I needed a statement display piece and Lucy will do the trick.

I found her via CraigsList, a resource I should use more often. She came from Haag's Antiques
in Columbus, Wisconsin. They are closing their shop so everything (yes, I said EVERYTHING!!) is 50% OFF through April 18. I also snatched up this group of goodness along with a gorgeous screen and old store rack for display.

I know I would have hauled home many more treasures had my littlest Love, Sophie, not been along to help. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home as a reward for her (relatively) good behavior. Phew - after all that excitement, I need a nap!

If you have some free time over the weekend I would suggest a trip to Columbus to find your treasure... enjoy the hunt!

XOXO Molly

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Bee Bowl by Elle

Happy spring day to you! We live for these seasonal changes in Wisconsin ~ as soon as one season begins to wear heavy on us another one blooms and the renewal begins. How lucky are we?! Despite the forecast for snow on Saturday, we revel in 60 degrees and sunshine today. The blessing is not wasted on this Midwesterner! I want to share this fabulous pottery my kindergartner, Elle, brought home from school this week. The arts are strong at her school which is fortunate as Elle is quite the artist ~ coloring before and after school, cutting, gluing and taping anything she can get her hands on. We have many the over flowing Rubbermaid containers guarding her precious work as she simply cannot part with anything (shhh - don't tell her mommy does some weeding from time to time!) This special project was created with the help of a local pottery store owner who became the Artist in Residence for a month. Each and every child made a "Bee Bowl" with the extra special touch of melted glass at the center. She really outdid the unrecognizable bowl I made as a kindergartner many eons ago... Way to go, Elle!