Monday, September 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Sunday we made the trek to Elkhorn for their last flea market of the 2010 season. We missed the first 3 so it was a MUST on my list and I was thrilled when my husband and girls happily tagged along. Since we are ABOUT to start building our new home we really weren't in the market for furniture... YET... but we got some good ideas. Instead I focused on - BIG SURPRISE - finding a few good buttons. Here's a taste of what I brought home.

An autumn collection - celluloid, metal, glass, wood...

Love this guy!

Some feminine fancy... rhinestones galore! Dainty indeed!

And primary colors always catch my eye - fun "realistics" here...
horses, bowling pins, a bear, anchor, flower, some bakelite...
Can you see the tiny key and heart shaped padlock?? A treasure!

This acorn is my favorite find of the day - so tiny and wonderful - where was it hiding through the years and what was it on to begin with? Today it makes me smile!

And here is Sophie's favorite find - a pink celluloid shank button that will become her new necklace later today... She cannot wait...

But she will have to because this Mommy has to tackle this pile of non-goodness for fear her marriage might end if she doesn't. Yikes! Actually my husband has been a love about my MESS. It's been growing since The Creative Connection and I didn't have it in me to tackle it last week so today I will begin....

And most likely I will continue tomorrow because, for some reason, when I start to organize things get FAR WORSE before they get better.

For instance I started photographing things to de-stash in my Fabric House Etsy shop rather than actually putting all this away. My mind isn't quite focused on the essentials... like gaining back the dining room table for the well being of family dinners. Someday, right? I cannot wait for my STUDIO in the new house. I continue to dream about the inspiring place it will be.
So there you go ~ a glimpse into my weekend behind and week ahead.
I listed LOADS of new autumnal goodness in my Etsy shop so be sure and take a peek. If you see any thing you can't live without, I'm offering my lovely Blog Readers 25% off through Thursday, September 30th at 6 pm CDT. Simply note BLOG OFFER at check out and I will promptly refund your discount ~ Enjoy!
XOXO Molly