Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crafty Superstar

After a gorgeous Easter weekend, we have a very rainy day here in Wisconsin. Perfect for a good read! I just finished Crafty Superstar - have you read it?

Here's the short and sweet on what author Grace Dobush writes:

"Crafty Superstar offers you a wealth of information and advice about selling your crafty goods part-time, whether it is online, through local start-up boutiques or at indie craft shows. Not only is author Grace Dobush a crafter, but she also maintains a full-time job while selling her handmade goods for extra cash on the side. She is joined by experts in the industry who all share their own advice and stories, helping you to determine how and where to sell your handmade wares."
Description taken from MyCraftivityStore.com

I learned about this book when it was discovered that our local Indie Craft Market known as the Craftacular is featured as one of the Major North American Indie Craft Markets. Awesome news for founder Naomi Richardson at Glitterworkshop as well as all who vend there - an honor.

I would recommend this read to anyone starting out in the Indie Craft world as well as the veterans who need a little boost. Inspiring, funny and chalk full of good business advice from many successful and well known Indie artists. Pick up your copy today!

XOXO Molly

Monday, April 5, 2010

Front Page News!

Can't believe Whimsy House made Etsy's front page again - a true honor. Rings have been so popular lately... better stock the shop good and full.

XOXO Molly