Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet Jenny at Bubbletime

Mushroom by Bubbletime

Jenny was one of my first buyers at Fabric House, the sister store to Whimsy House. She purchased some project packs of decorator fabric to make her lovely creatures from and it's still a thrill to recognize how my fabrics have been transformed! Her shop is filled with whimsical art that will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. She is truly talented and sweet as can be. Cheers to Jenny!

1) What is your craft and what led to you to take it up?

Oh boy, well, ever since I can remember I've drawn, painted, sculpted and embroidered. Some I'm better at than others. My mom taught me to sew because I found it so interesting to "paint" with thread. I don't know what led me to draw just that as a toddler a pen & paper were my favorite toys.

2) What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Ah, my favorite part is when I've finished the prototype of an idea and it turned out just as I'd wanted it!

3) What part of your work is the hardest?

That would be coming up with a pattern for a brand new shape for a creature, but when it finally comes together it's that much more rewarding.

4) A top ten list of your favorites

...handmade possession...

A little mushroom my mom made out of clay one day just playing around.

...item in your shop...

The koi, big or little, they are my favorites- but don't tell any of the others.

...item in your favorites list...

Ooh, this snail shell necklace from maggiejs!

Copper Snail Shell by MaggieJs

...Etsy purchase...

This vintage creamer from vintageview. I collect vintage soap dishes and creamers.

Antique Victorian WEDGWOOD Transferware Pitcher Creamer by Vintage View

...Etsy shop...

Well I didn't find Megan Lightell until recently but would LOVE to have some of this artist's work!!

Paintings by Megan Lightell or website...

I try not to spend too much time on the computer but it would have to be Flickr. It's so fun!

...source of inspiration...

My house, pets, garden & my old children's books

...item you’ve sold...

Robin Red Vest Esquire - I love it when animals wear waist coats & stuff.

...piece of advice...

To learn about your camera and how to take good/interesting photos. There's still so much I don't know but the little I have learned has helped tremendously.

...rule to break...

Changing my avatar. I must do it often or I'll go bonkers!

Embroidered Blue Flower Brooch by Bubbletime


  1. very nice interview! :) Love the creatures!

  2. Great! :) I love the mushroom, too cool!