Monday, April 6, 2009

Meet Amy at The Peach Tree

Buell - Necklace by The Peach Tree

I met Amy early on in my Etsy days. She did an interview with me for her blog, The Peach Tree Brooklyn, last summer which is the biggest reason I was brave enough to jump into the blog world myself. Amy is very supportive and encouraging - Many thanks, darlin'! Check it out as she has a quick wit and super eye for Etsy treasure.

Amy's Etsy shop, The Peach Tree, is chock full of high quality, inspired design... you won't be able to resist her fabulous style. Enjoy the interview and stop by to say "Hi" to Amy soon.

1) What is your craft and what led to you to take it up?

I'm a jewelry designer and lover of stones :) I think the latter being why I took up creating pieces in the first place. I had built up such a lavish collection of rocks and minerals that I just stopped and looked around me one day, putting together how I could make this a feasible hobby!

2) What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

That's so hard to say. I truly love it all. From the minute new strands arrive in the mail, to getting them into inventory, then laying them out and seeing who wants to be friends with who (little crazy, but you get where I'm going) and then someone picking out that jewel to call their own. It's all such a fulfilling cycle!

3) What part of your work is the hardest?

Seeing the pieces that sit in the shop the longest, I'd say. I have a hard time not getting a little emotionally attached!

4) A top ten list of your favorites

...handmade possession...

An afghan from my childhood. It's a trio of the bold orange, brown and mustard yellow from the 70s. Love it

...item in your shop...

The Marrakech Necklace's downright sexy!

...item in your favorites list...

Eggplant Purple Ribbon Party DRESS at AnthologiE


...Etsy purchase...

SUCH an unfair question.... I've picked three but there's SO many :)

Lace Bag by Tortilla Girl

Custom Train Case from GetReadySetGo

My new Summer Dress by Kaylim

...Etsy shop...

Another mean questions. Let's see. It would have to be GetReadySetGO. And not just because I love her to death, but because of her brilliance in design and renaissance spirit.

...item you’ve sold...

Ah, my Stardust Necklace :) or website...

Red Otter is one of the first blogs I really got into following

...source of inspiration...

Nature. Or what little bit of nature I have right in front of me here in Brooklyn! Which is probably why the are around my desk is similar to a greenhouse :)

Fir - Sunset - Perennial - Terra

...piece of advice...

I recently did an interview with 3FUN and she sited the best quote from Kurt Vonnegut:

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.”

...rule to break...

You know, I can't even think of one which makes me think I really must not play by any!

Rosemary Bracelet


  1. wonderful read!! Great job Molly! Amy-lovin all your pics...especially love the "new summer dress", going to have to check that shop out. :) CONGRATS

  2. This is such a cool interview with one stellar lady! Miss Peach has been an inspiration for quite some time now, I love how she photographs her beauties and of course the names she gives them!

    This was lovely!