Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where did summer go?
So sorry to be MIA for so long... We moved in August and had a kindergartner and freshman start school this year so it's been a busy few months. I hope this finds everyone rested and relaxed after summer break. Hope it was a Hoot!
Be sure and check out Whimsy House as it begins to fill with Autumn goodness... my favorite season in every way! I will be at the Sun Prairie Art Festival this weekend and have a show schedule falling into place for the fall and holidays. I will be sure to post the dates and places. Also, watch for a give away soon... it's about time, don't you agree?!?
XoXo Molly


  1. Hope your autumn and school year are off to a good start! Look forward to the new stuff on your blog.

  2. What a cute pendant, that owl is awesome! I'm glad to hear that you helped the kiddos get all the school stuff underway. :-)