Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healing Maggie Grace

Everyone enjoys a good raffle with amazing prizes, right? How about a raffle with amazing prizes AND amazing benefits???

My angel-of-a-friend Mary Ann and her friend Jen have organized an incredible raffle to help out their blogging pal who recently received some heart wrenching news:

"Last week I found out one of my dear blogging friends and fellow artist Teresa of Maggie Graces Creates has kidney cancer... and has to have her kidney removed... and has a $5000 insurance deductible. She went from thinking she had a kidney stone, making the best of it and joking about it on her Facebook page to this. My heart sank when she told me the news. I felt so helpless clear across the country, with no resources to help. Or so I thought. Then I chatted with my dear friend Mary Ann who knows and loves Teresa like I do, and we came up with a plan." ~ from the healing maggie grace blog

And a raffle to help Teresa was born! Reports have it that she is doing well post-surgery which is a blessing indeed. You can help bless this special lady again by entering to win one of the crazy wild awesome raffle packages or you can donate direct or simply send your good wishes her way. It all helps. The power of friendship truly heals. **HUGS**
XOXO Molly

P.S. Whimsy House earrings are included in today's raffle package... head over to check it out - a TRULY fabulous lot of goodness if up for grabs! Healing Maggie Grace Spread the word!

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