Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Katie at 55MapleDesigns and KatiesKreations

"Pomegranate - Pottery Shard Necklace" by 55 Maple Designs

Katie, from 55MapleDesigns and KatiesKreations, and I met last December when I discovered her shops, inquired about some custom orders and a fabulous trade ensued. We became fast friends and now "talk" almost daily. She is a BUSY and talented mom of four beautiful girls. Truly an inspiration! The items I traded with Katie were some of my favorite gifts this year. Everyone was delighted with their treasures. Check out her blog for even more on Katie - KatiesKreations2.

1) What is your craft and what led to you to take it up?

I consider myself kind of a jack-of-many-trades. I mostly make jewelry, but use many different mediums (i.e. paper, beads, wood). My Mom and I started making jewelry together. Originally, when I started out it was a mother-daughter team, that was fun. She no longer makes new jewels, but is a true supporter of my "little" business!

2) What part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Thinking and dreaming up new ideas.

3) What part of your work is the hardest?

Following through on those new ideas and actually finishing a project. I'm infamous for getting all of my supplies for a new craft and then letting the supplies sit around for months collecting dust. Oh if there were only more time in the day.

4) A top ten list of your favorites

...handmade possession...

Artwork by Salt Marsh Pottery.
Hands and Feet imprints from each of my four little sweeties when they were under 2 months old. (These pieces are much like Erin's pieces -
Elm Studio Online)

...item in your shop...

"Purple Powerade Fringe" at Katies Kreations

...item in your favorites list...

"This Is A Print Of A Raven-Haired Beauty Dreaming Big" by The Dreamy Giraffe

...Etsy purchase...

Custom Order from Sarahs Sky

This was a broken plate from my grandmother's china set (that is now mine) that Sarah made into many necklaces for me, my mom, cousins, sister, sister in law and my four little sweeties.

...Etsy shop...

The B-Line

Lovelies by The B-line or website...

...source of inspiration...

Anything I can get a hold of at craft stores...lately, especially am inspired by buttons and ribbon.

...item you've sold...

"Intertwined - Silver and Pearls Crocheted Bracelet" at 55 Maple Designs

...piece of advice...

Always keep yourself fresh by trying new things/crafts.

...rule to break...

No eating after 8pm.

"Pumpkin Pie - Boutique Style Snap Clip Set" at Katie's Kreations.


  1. Wow! I'm so excited that Katie named my shop as a favorite! I'm blushing! Thanks, Katie! And good job on a wonderful interview!