Monday, June 14, 2010

Nostalgic Goodness

I find myself giddy and inspired by vintage textiles and findings. A little package of goodies like this... quilt scraps and buttons... my mind dreams up all sorts of things! I can't part with even the smallest scrap of vintage quilt fabric, often feedsack and always darling. I ponder the history of each piece and feel honored to give them a "new history" through my accessories.

These leather collage cuffs feature vintage quilt diamonds, silver buttons at center and vintage button and suede cord loop closures. It's no secret I'm a t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boot girl so I find these to be the perfect accessory!

My leather collage necklaces are such a treat ~ candy to the eye! They feature layers of vintage loveliness... a leather background sewn together with felted wool, a vintage quilt scrap and a vintage flower finding and bead center. I love making them because no two are ever alike.

What gets your creative juices boiling? What "supply" makes you giddy with excitement, makes you grin from ear to ear? Can't wait for your answers...

XOXO Molly


  1. Hi Molly!
    great to hear from you. i couldn't find your e-mail address either! is it the etsy one? i'm so challenged when it comes to computers. i live in viroqua which is 2 hrs from madison. i'd love to be part of an artist/crafter community and meet some crafty people, especially fellow flyers! we have family in madison, so we are down there frequently. my e-mail:
    you have very cute stuff in your etsy shop. i love the cuffs and necklaces, such a great idea for scraps of fabric.
    looking forward to hearing from you,
    thanks tammy

  2. Lately, I'm inspired by orange, red, teal... vintage book pages, unusual bits of metal...