Friday, June 11, 2010

Last day of school...

Elle Cosette ~ First Day of Kindergarten, September 2009

Sometimes life seems to move at warp speed ~ today is one of those days. I find it near impossible to believe that my oldest baby is no longer a kindergartner, that she flew through the year with a bit of trepidation and a ton of brave, I-can-do-it-GO-GIRL attitude. She has been an amazing friend and well liked student (she even got 2 hugs from her teacher today!) I'm proud of the real person my little Elle Cosette is becoming. I have to admit, I had tears picking her up and thanking her teacher for a job well done. Her life flashed in front of me... from the hospital when she entered our lives to the day she will graduate college to the day she gets married. Seriously - it all literally flashed in front of my teary eyes as I buckled her into her booster seat. Sigh. I'm honored to be Elle's mom - what a privilege. Thank you, Sweet Pea.

Elle Cosette ~ Last Day of Kindergarten, June 2010

On to summer! Let the games begin!

XOXO Molly


  1. Very touching. Keep up the good work! I have so much admiration for parents.

  2. I have so much admiration for TEACHERS! What in the world would we do without them?? My graditude is beyond words... :)